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Our team of qualified IT professionals can help your business at any stage of it’s growth. Our experts can handle the intricacies of the Blockchain projects very well and offer them a solution according to their requirements. In short, they can play an instrumental role in driving your business to achieve great heights by making your business processes even more effective.

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Thomas Modeneis


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I help companies to identify and make the best use of their key performance indicators, services and Big Data.

With 15 years of work experience on different projects, countries and languages, I’m a specialist in creating, designing, testing and managing high performance APIs and services.

I have influenced decisions and performed work in several roles within the IT industry. From Developer to Director, including Solutions Architect and Technical Tester.

You have a Vision. I know the way to get you there.

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Elmo Modeneis


We have built a network which allows users to bid for and offer virtual goods for sale in an interactive tender marketplace. By developing this app with Ethereum, We were able to demonstrate how to run a enterprise ready application and highlighted one of the best features that our customers want, privacy.