Modeneis - A Blockchain Development Company.

Modeneis was founded in the year 2017 in Amsterdam and is a dedicated lab of R&D experts for Blockchain technologies. It offers a full range of services which include architecture design, blockchain consulting, support and maintenance, services and applications development and smart contracts.


Blockchain Permissionless

Modeneis is a leading company that provides education, advisory, and blockchain development services focused on…

Blockchain Permissioned

Modeneis develops end-to-end enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for businesses that want to deploy blockchain…

Reduce operational costs

Modeneis is a financial technology company that provides enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to digitize assets,…

Blockchain Advisory

We provide advisory services for VC firms that wants to audit and understand if a blockchain project is feasible or not…

DApp development

Modeneis is a technology company that provides a range of development services including DApp development and custom…

Security Audits

Modeneis team of specialists, is able to verify that your distributed systems work as intended by performing an audit.…

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Certified Developers

All members of our team are certified blockchain experts.

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Cost effective

We stay up to date on the latest changes, always being able to deliver new tech fast and cost effective.